White-label, semi-brand, education, reselling

Start Marketing your own Cryptocurrency Trading Terminal

Immagine being able to start within days, marketing your own Branded Cryptocurrency Trading Terminal to your already existing audience or from scratch, offering to your users the most advanced Trading technology backed by years of knowledge and software development, with features that Crypto Traders would love. We don’t mind the extra competition and love to focus on what we are good at, developing an endless list of additional features to keep your users tied to you (and you tied to us)

Advantages of Crypto Trading Terminal over Web based Crypto Exchanges

The Cryptocurrency space is riddled with Cryptocurrency Exchanges, with the top 5 exchanges alone having 95% of the Cryptocurrency Trading users worldwide. Whilst Starting your own Cryptocurrency Exchange may not be a good idea due to the huge competition and already established monopolized landscape, we may be the option you were looking for to monetize your cryptocurrency audience, now you can benefit from a limitless user base already active in the most popular exchanges, by offering them features which will give them an edge in their trading, aside from the flexibility of being able to trade at the same time on the top exchanges from a single standalone platform with your own Brand.

If you Can’t Beat them, Join them

Most Traders have accounts on all the exchanges our platform is enabled for, to benefit from better selling/buying prices, arbitrage opportunities etc… Now you can give them the opportunity to do this from one single platform with additional extremely advanced features which will make web based Cryptocurrency Exchanges look like a Children’s toy.

Why is it better?

  • 1) HUSTLE FREE – You can focus on promoting whilst we take care of customer support.

  • 2) CONTINUOS UPGRADES – We know our audience and we know what they want, so we are constantly developing new features to keep them tied to your software.

  • 3) MODEST COST – We charge an Extremely Modest monthly fee, so no need of Venture Capital level investments or years of Software development wages to begin marketing your product.

  • 4) FLEXIBILITY – Compared to other products available, we will assist you in the creation of marketing and educational material which will be essential for your promotional campaign success.


Odinx brand

The best option for resellers and regional representatives, aiming to widen the Odinx community


Full branding of Odinx terminal with an ability to apply custom themes and colors


Co-branding model, where you use your own brand name with minor addition of “Powered by Odinx”

Custom branding

Deep UI reorganization and restyling possibility to the client’s requirements